Does Marriage Counseling Actually Make a Difference When Your Wife Is Leaving?

“Does marriage counseling work? My personal wife and I have tried seeing a marital life counselor for the earlier few weeks, but it shouldn’t seem to be like it’s doing anything… What am I actually doing wrong? ” Marriage Counseling Orange County

If perhaps you’re like many of the lost and baffled husbands in the twenty-first century, then you have already tried the most often approved solution to any marriage problem, i. elizabeth. marriage helps. 

I may know when it became such common practice, but somehow the go-to solution for any and all problems that could trouble a marriage (separation, lack of passion, divorce, infidelity, insufficient communication, etc. ), the most prominent and extensively advice that you’re heading to get is “have you tried marriage counselling? ”

You would feel that such a booming and reputable industry would be so highly recommended because of its high success rate, right? In other words, marriage helps is so popular because it has a history of legitimately fixing the relationship problems that plague so many relationships these times, right?


Did you know that…
Marriage Guidance gets the Highest Failure Level of Any Therapy

Yes, marriage helps and relationship counselors have lowest success rate of some other counseling or remedy related field.

So, does matrimony helps work? I would say ‘not even close’.

* Addicts in treatment have a greater success rate than marriage consultants

3. Alcoholics in AA have a higher success rate than marriage counselors

2. Anger management remedy has a greater success rate than marriage advisors

* Actually the prison counseling programs for murderers, rapists and other criminals have a higher success rate than marriage helps

You would feel that for up to $200 per hour there’d be some type of assurance that you’d see results in your marriage, but this is absolutely not the case. Marriage helps DOES NOT WORK for most couples, and matrimony counseling success rates are surprisingly low (less than 25%).

There is a type of couple that can benefit from matrimony and family counseling, but it is the exclusion, not the rule. Many marriage counselors don’t effectively address the true issues that are leaving you and your wife ‘unfulfilled in our marriage’.

Will Marriage helps Work? Carry out We Have the Greatest Divorce Rates, Ever?

Undoubtedly, according to recent reports, the divorce rate in the us has finally come to somewhat of a level of skill before couple years because less people are getting married, so there are less couples to divorce.

But still, in the past 10 – twenty-five years divorce rates have sky rocketed, and i also want you to really think relating to this for a minute… Doesn’t it seem to be strange that the rise in divorce rates correlates almost directly with the thriving marriage guidance industry? Some might dispute that this makes sense because more divorces need to know more relationship counseling, but what if the real source of the challenge wasn’t actually divorce, but the total ineffectiveness, even counter-productivity, of marriage helps?

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