DOT Motorcycle Helmet Basics

I want to start by telling you a little about me personally and how I received into DOT Motorcycle Head gear. Within the past five seasons I have recently been riding a motorcycle. We have a passion for riding and would like to ride for the rest of my life… in order to do therefore, I want to be as safe and protected as I can… while still being able to enjoy the drive. best lacrosse helmet

So five years before… before even purchasing my first street motorcycle at the age of thirty four… I bought a full set of gear. Today I’m not talking about simply a helmet and safety gloves. I’m talking about the helmet, the gloves, the jacket, the pants and the boots. I believed like Evel Knievel exploring the house for about two weeks before even getting my motorcycle home… of course I had developed to break the gear in… selection way than putting on it? 

Why did My spouse and i purchase this all “stuff” before even having my trip? Because That i knew of when My spouse and i did buy my cycle, I would be so excited that I would just want to get on that thing and run it ’till it was out of gas and never even THINK about motorbike gear. So I selected the cautious route and bought gear that we realized would keep me safe… call it skin insurance if you will.

Among the key pieces of equipment which i looked at, was the motorcycle helmet. We mean, up until this point anytime I failed to know everything with head gear other than they go on your head… so I started using research. And that is what brings me here… so which i can share some of the info I’ve obtained over time to help you in your gear purchase experience.

So, here are some basics of the DOT motorcycle helmet…

Initially, what is this DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION mean?

DOT means the department of transportation and is part of a documentation process that is employed on all motorcycle helmets. This can be to ensure the headgear meets minimum safety requirements and can be authorized for use on the roads.

Why is this recognition important?

If you buy a helmet that will not have the DOT recognition… this means you are buying something that doesn’t even meet the minimum standard of safety requirements. That means a DOT motorbike helmet will give you an improved potential for walking away from an accident than not wearing an US DOT certified helmet.

Types of DOT motorcycle helmets…

Presently there are a number of types of motorcycle head gear… some offer more security than others… while others offer more ventilation than others. The primary types of helmets are German motor bike helmets, 3/4 face bike helmets, full face bike helmets and modular motorbike helmets.

German motorcycle head gear — the German style of motorcycle helmet came up into being during Globe War II, where German born army officers that rode motorcycles wore helmets. The modern version of this helmet is now called a half helmet, beanie or shorty helmet today. It covers just above your eye brows in the front, to the center of the back again of your head. Generally there is a meaner look to them as they expose more of a person’s head and face. You will observe this style of helmet on a whole lot of chopper or cruiser bike riders.

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