Happy, Better, Faster – Three Secrets of Long Term Relationship Success

Joy – why we want to take love and in a relationship. Better why we choose one partner over another and stay loyal and dedicated. Faster the incredible opportunity the right relationship gives at a deep, heart, spiritual level: fulfilling our ambitions – Faster. comment l’oublier ?

Five contact points

1. More quickly: Physical and Financial Fascination. Pleasure and Fulfilment come faster.

2. Better: Mental Attraction – Compare your partner to anyone different and there is no better. 

3. Happier: Heart and soul and Emotional Love Interest – A Deep sense of Perfection.


If being with you makes my life slower, makes my aches and pains previous longer, makes my psychological downers harder to recuperate from, makes my career decrease down, my plans deferred, my vision extend to more years, am I actually going to remain dedicated to a relationship with you?

We have to recognise here that associations are based on getting what we want. They’re everything regarding love and interest too, we’ll discuss that in a minute, but at the core substance of human existence at most spiritual levels of heart and soul is, yes, getting what we want. The more we have, in whatever form, the more we can contribute. Nobody wakes up wanting less – (unless it’s stress).

Relationships be successful because you are getting what you want, when you need it, and you’re received it more, and faster you were before. And, certainly, I hear the negative implication of orgasms and so forth, well think it through before you shoot the messenger. Do you think, you’ll stay happy in a relationship if you can get sex faster and easier with a stranger than you can with your partner. Persons do not gravitate to hard work, or even more difficulty. Faster is king and queen of the religious realm and relationships at the spiritual realm go through forever.

Let’s not limit this conversation to making love. Although we could easily do so. Let’s add wealth, lets add sport goals, and social camaraderie roles, career ambitions and humanitarian responsibilities. Do you consider we gravitate toward or away from things that slow those down? We gravitate away – it’s the Soul of Humanity to strive toward betterment, an improved world, an improved life, better strength to contribute – which frequently means more simplicity, more technology, more refined process. That NEVER means more trouble, more difficulty and certainly not, longer periods of waiting. NEVER.

Faster restoration from emotional upset, faster process toward your goals (include financial), faster process for sexual and personal pleasure and even more of your ambitions achieved in a shorter time frame. Link this to your relationship and you’ll have magnetism. Discover a disconnect and you are going to learn to lose the sexual desire and communication that makes love grow.

I’m sure you can list a thousand situations you’ve discovered where, in the desire for an improved relationship, one or both partners have actually place the brakes on their partner’s ambitions in career or sport or fun, or even philanthropic ambitions, and as such killed the relationship. 1 lady, partnered a man who was an ambitious musician with a great full time job to pay his lifestyle. The girl bought into his life romance and inspiration which added value to his ambition as a great musician and performer but she was so emotionally self absorbed, his mind and heart we continually distracted by her emotional upset over her children (past marriage), her ex, her life, her health, that in revenge of the love that guy had for her, he just drew down to protect his HEART AND SOUL mission of music. This kind of is nature, protecting her own.


COMPARISON is Nature. Nature compares, so do you. The day you compare your spouse to another person and feel that the other person would be an improved partner than the one you’re with, you’re unhappy. Which is the end of it.

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