How to Get More Video Views

Being a video marketing strategist, the biggest question I get these days is not “How do I get going? ” but “How should i get more video views? ” Obviously, getting people to view your online video is important, but we seem to be to receive way too obsessed with the numbers. Facebook Video views

While you definitely want eyeballs on your video, what you really need is the right eyeballs. I’ve always preserved that it’s not how many people call at your video, but who is seeing it. Avoid get so stuck on the number of views that you forget your marketing objectives. Who is your target audience? Will your video appeal to them? Where is your goal audience most likely to call at your online video? On YouTube? On Facebook or myspace? On your own website? And most important, will your intended viewer take action on your online video? 

The hottest YouTube design is more social media-friendly than ever before. Building a community around your videos, and getting viewers to respond and interact with your videos has become much more significant. Views are cool, but engagement is cooler! Video views may feed your ego, but responses will feed your wallet. That response can be in the shape of comments on your website, “likes” if your video is on Facebook, and maybe even a purchase if your video is on a web page.

Consider all the activities a viewer can take as soon as your video is on YouTube: Viewers can sign up to, like, favorite, comment, post a video response, show, embed, email, and even start a Google+ Hang-out and watch videos with friends. It’s no much longer simply about getting views, it’s exactly about connection.

Of course, your prospects aren’t hook up with your online video if they don’t see it; which brings all of us to views. There are plenty of tips and tricks to get more views, but almost all of that cool SEO stuff doesn’t take into account the main element of all: Your video’s content. Is your video’s message going to speak out loud with your target audience? Does it pass the things i affectionately call the “who gives a crap” test?

Is it that video viewers just not necessarily that into you? Goodness! If your video is not “landing” with your intended audience, go again is to do a gut check on your articles. Ultimately, it’s the message that will subject, not whether your online video is super sophisticated.

I actually could see a fact about YouTube that really put things into point of view. If you were to sit back today and start watching each video now on YouTube, it will take you roughly 8, 500 years to view all the videos. That’s a lot of video! Therefore the old “upload and hope for the best” isn’t going to cut it.

With that many videos out there, you have got to be powerful. You’ve got to be interesting and relevant. Get got to be the foremost and memorable. Just about all of all, you need to have a video marketing strategy! (Sorry, “post and pray” is not a strategy! )

Stop worrying about getting video views just for the sake of views. Create your online video to resonate with your target audience, and give attention to getting those people to look at your video. Those will be the people who will become your viewers, your supporters and, ultimately, your customers.

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