How to Hang Wallpaper

Building a feature wall with picture is a great way to add colour, structure and personality to your house. Select a wall that has maximum impact when you walk into the room. You can make a feature wall in your access hallway, your bedroom, living or dining areas. Thus many choices! stephen curry wallpaper hd

If if you’re a convenient type of person, then you’ll probably have no trouble hanging your own wallpaper. Here are some instructions to help you hang your wall picture and produce a beautiful feature wall.

You should have:

Glue – prepare as directed
Stick Рprepare as aimed 
Measuring mp3
Box cutter/stanley knife
Large steel leader or spirit level
Color roller
Paint brush
Gentle cloth
The first step. Preparation

The wall must be clean, smooth and dry. And so sweep away those old cobwebs and get remove of dust, dirt and grime. We find that washing your walls with sugar soap and an some of those big fat red or yellow sponges you use to clean your car is a great way to wash them.

Sand away any irregularities. Putty any holes. Always remove old wall coverings before making use of new wallpaper.

Step 2. Prepare the Glue and Paste

Most glue and paste mixes require some time to set before applying them to the wallpaper, so prepare the mixture first to save yourself some time.

Adhere to the instructions on your packet of glue and paste.

Typically, paste shall be applied to the backside of the wallpaper and glue will be applied to the wall in a border around the place that the advantage of the wallpaper will be applied.

Step 3. Measure and Cut the Picture

This is the most difficult step if you have a design that repeats and needs to be matched. Often ensure you start with enough wallpaper allowing for an infrequent mistake.

Measure the level of your walll. Enable an extra 5cm (2 inches) for trimming. Spin out the wallpaper and note where you have got to cut it. Carefully cut the newspaper by using a box cutter or stanley knife against a steel ruler or large spirit leveller. Roll out more wallpaper and match the pattern. Cut the wallpaper and discard the unmatched portion.

Continue testing, matching and cutting the wallpaper until you have all the pieces to complete your feature wall structure.

Mark points vertically along your wall so that as you are dangling the wallpaper, you can check to be sure it’s in a straight line.

Stage 4. Apply the Backing

Use a paint tool to liberally apply the paste to the backside of the wallpaper, from top to bottom. Once you have applied the paste, flip the wallpaper in on itself and again until it finally is merely 30cm or so wide. Set it in a huge plastic-type garbage bag and established it aside for 31 minutes to let the substance to absorb in to the wall picture. Continue with each tape of wallpaper. Keep flip-style the wallpaper until it finally is a size that will comfortably fit in a plastic carrier or garbage bag. Take away the air from the plastic bag and seal off it to help prevent the wallpaper from drying out out as it will be some time before you’re ready to suspend the final strip.

Following you have waited the requisite time for your paste to put, apply the glue to the wall membrane in a border around where the edge of the wallpaper will be. Use the pencil markings you made earlier that can assist you. Your border should be about 10cm (3 to 4 inches) wide.

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