Luxury Hampers – Modern And Historical

Hampers are well known for providing luxury, but why is this? Anyone can fill a basket with a few assorted food items and give all of us a call at it a hamper, so how does the association with luxury come from? The answer lies in the of hamper production as well as how our modern attitudes towards food have changed. baby shower hamper singapore

History of Hinders

Hampers have a long history, nonetheless they became most popular during the Victorian era when companies presented them to employees at Christmas as a gift idea for them to enjoy with their families over the Christmas period. This kind of era also saw the rise of the train and people were able to send hampers to their loved ones in the new emerging big cities. 

Wicker Basket

At first, all food hampers were packaged in wicker bins which had two purposes. Firstly, the wicker was woven and so would not stifle the meals and gave it room to breathe, thus keeping it fresher for longer. Stiched wicker also creates a strong structure, meaning that the baskets were strong and capable to hold the weight of assorted drink and food items.

The baskets were lined with cloth that the recipients used to find uses for, as well as the basket structure itself. This kind of would have been considered a luxurious surprise by poor Victorian families anticipated to cloth being relatively expensive in those times. Similarly, hampers today are generally lined with spectacular supplies such as soft or velvet, continuing the association with luxury.

Modern day hampers are often created on the standard woven straw-plaited style, but other materials are available too. Wood hampers are popular, similar to wicker hampers of differing colours. Ultimately, the principles of the limit are the same, however the aesthetics have changed with the times and more options available whilst still maintaining mid-air of luxury.


Hampers traditionally were made up of drink and food items, and whilst some modern companies offer alternative hampers made up of items such as playthings, generally they are really still made up primary of those items.


Wine itself is a luxury item and is also a common inclusion in most modern hampers. Once trade links and ways of transport improved, more exotic produce from overseas countries was imported into the country. This exposed the door for unique quality wines to be incorporated into hampers from famous wine-making countries such as France and Italy.

Taking pleasure in some fine wine is a deluxe indulgence for most people, therefore including good wines in hampers adds to the richness of them.


In the past, luxury food hampers would have been made up with food from in another country. This is because when international trade became common, foreign food was a rare delicacy and the height of luxury. Even so, nowadays this is not necessarily the case.

Frequently, foods are imported to keep the costs at least as it costs less to buy and deliver them from abroad than it will to manufacture them in the united kingdom. This has led to many cheap foods being imported from in foreign countries, and quality foods being created in the UK. Consequently, luxury food hinders are usually filled with local British produce which is naturally of a good quality.

Luxury hampers ooze opulence on the inside and the out. The plush materials used to make and line the baskets, teamed with excellent quality food and wines inside them makes them an outstanding surprise for anyone. Presenting a relative or friend with a luxury Christmas hamper is a great way to make sure they are happy this festive season.

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