Nintendo Wii Vs PlayStation 3 – A Genuine Combat

Nintendo wii console and PlayStation 3 are the top-notch gaming games consoles commanding the industry. However, knowing the difference of Manufacturers Wii Vs PlayStation 3 gives clarity about each gaming system and their features. free playstation plus

Hardware – Manufacturers Wii has a 729 MHz broadway processor with system memory of 88 MB memory, while the internal flash memory is FIVE HUNDRED TWELVE MEGA BYTES. This system outputs online video in 480p definition, but the gamers need to acquire SD cards for excess storage. The hardware is less powerful and therefore is less priced, but the movement controller has made the system eminent from their competitors. PlayStation 3 has a multi-core cell processor chip as the key CPU. The interior memory is 512 MB which is divided between the graphics engine and the system similarly. The new version of PS3 is slim and has a internal hard drive of 120 GB. This kind of system can output online video in hd.

Features – Nintendo Wii is visible for it motion control mechanism feature as this feature allows the gamers to experience a perfect control over the game and its particular movements than pressing buttons. PS3 has controllers with simple move sensors, and the control range is not similar to the Wii remote control. The huge library of games and its remote control has increased the demand of this game gaming system. PlayStation 3 has built/in Bluetooth and offers the ability to play Blu-Rays and DVDs. PS3 has more horsepower and design than Wii to make it more attractive. Designers Wii allows playing GameCube games, while PS3 thin cannot play PlayStation 2 and enables its players to play only video games for PlayStation 3 model. However, both the systems are presented with Wireless support.

Games – Ordinary Band, Madden NFL and Lego Star Wars are released in both game playing systems, but the Nintendo versions have simple images and incredibly few features having to the less powerful CPU. PS3 has exclusive games such as Metallic Gear Solid IV, Killzone 2, Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet, and the Wii video games that are exclusive include Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo wii Sports, No longer Heroes and Metroid Prime 3. Nevertheless, Wii games are everyday and family friendly, while PlayStation 3 games target for hardcore gaming audience.

Online – Nintendo Xbox has online service that assists in the players to access the online console and also helps them in purchasing as well as downloading vintage console games that includes Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. Nintendo wii gamers can enjoy their games to the main by exchanging their good friend codes that contain 12 number numbers, but each gaming system has an unique quantity. PlayStation 3 allows the gamers to access a free online service, the PlayStation network, so the players can play online as well as purchase videos or games as well as download them to their hard disk drives.

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