Prepare for Prostate Cancer Surgery by Using Visualization to Reduce Anxiety

Just before prostate cancer surgery, consider using the process of visualization to lessen anxiety. Pursuing is a good example of a visual images sequence: dr david samadi

After confirming your biopsy (Gleason) score, see yourself calming down as you think about images that relax you most (such as sunset over a lake). Then see yourself entering the clinic, walking into a pre-op room, where nurses put an IV and give you a primary sedative to prepare for surgery. 

By that point notice in your mind’s eye how you have induced that image and the peaceful feeling that accompanies it. Let that calmness circulation through you, perhaps fortified by your imagining that as you’re bought on a gurney into the operating room, with your chosen pet perched on your chest as you softly stroke it and it purrs or licks your face. Practice this creation sequence often in progress of your operation, therefore it becomes part of you when you actually show up for the surgery.

In addition, through the several weeks before surgery, see yourself falling comfortably asleep before your surgery begins, after your anesthesiologist administers his meds into your 4. Also see yourself getting up three hours later, pleasantly groggy on your gurney in the recovery room, then being gently explained back to your clinic room, where within several hours you take in your first post-op light meal.

Finally see yourself getting back on your feet hours after the surgery, with the aid of a friendly orderly who comes with you to the rest room as you use a walker, and the next morning walks along down the hall. Envision yourself as you slowly get back your strength and within hours walk on your own, first with the walker, and then without it. Last, envision giving the hospital in the morning (if the prostate cancer surgery is robotic) pain free, going home with a catheter bag that is merely somewhat uncomfortable but little or nothing greater than a mild nuisance, until it’s removed a week or two later.

Repeated, relaxed: practice runs” (strictly in your mind, highlighting on your calm inhalation and on your entire five senses of sound, eyesight, touch, etc. ) can reduce or even eliminate your pre-surgical anxiety and hasten your recovery.

This kind of technique is applicable not only to prostate cancers surgery, but to most businesses you might have to confront. The process of visualization is one way to travel from being a passive patient to becoming an active player in your health attention. It is just a clear-cut example of the mind-body connection.

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