Reasons Why An Instructional Design Company Makes Great Training Staffing Agency

Since business owners we are always researching ways to offer products and services meeting growing client needs. Recently, We determined it just made sense to tweak my business model to cover a “learning team on loan” strategy to give my consultants and clients some project alternatives. TSM Agency

Typically companies have turned to pure staffing agencies for individuals to create project-based work. As a consumer, if you have a quick development need, you are investing in a lot of extra time and money getting a momentary up-to-speed. 

Our proven training strategies processes, cut through the red-tape in the style, development and deployment of individual courses to learning management system deployments.

Below are five reasons to consider hiring an tutorial design company as a non permanent training partner:

1) Training design companies are an end-to-end solution for training development. We realize it will require the efforts of several contributors to make a project happen. Good assignments require needs analysis up front, seasoned developers to create measurable objectives, and the determination of appropriate use of audio, online video and case studies to enhance instruction.

Companies really know what end products they want, but often just avoid know the way to get the ideal program created. Working training design companies create learning daily, they make great training development partners.

2. Training development teamwork. Educational design companies have the right mix of people, processes and development products to produce just the right training intervention to educate, inform and communicate.

Oftentimes you need the competence of more than one individual to get the project completed. Training companies are comprised of many related disciplines: training builders, graphic artists, programmers, website developers, writers, editors, online video production specialists, learning management (LMS) administrators and programmers.

3. Do you desire a contributor or a training leader? Some projects require a person in order to create instruction, other projects need the competence of a project director to lead the development. Instructional designer can help clients determine who is the best person for the job.

4. Dammit we changed our head, we need….. It happens, some projects take on a new direction established after senior management engagement. For example, if building your shed suddenly needs video creation, an instructional design company can quickly regroup to create video scripts shipped in social media like a YouTube format or those videos requiring more complex transitions and more manipulated taping scenarios.

Most likely you suddenly need to deliver training in multiple languages. No problem, training designers know the way to get multiple translations done quickly.

5. Bringing training awards and recognition to your company – Producing effective training and submitting it for professional awards takes a company to the next level. Instructional design companies can help submit training projects for national prizes programs to improve company presence.

Bottom line: Companies who have downsized in training departments need help from professionals to create all types of instructional materials from PowerPoint, instructional videos, web-based learning communities and LMS implementations. Instructional design companies make great training development staffing agencies.

Design2Train, a SBA 8a authorized company, was founded by Karen Miller, M. Education. in 2001. Karen is an award-winning instructional developer with over 25+ years of training development experience. Her clients include enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies and gov departments.

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