Seven Keys to Unlocking the Power of Your Vision

Then this Lord answered me and said, record the eye-sight and make it light after tables that this individual might run that states it… ” Habakkuk 2: 2

Habakkuk 2: 2 is an often cited scripture when a ministry or church desires to move forward with a company vision. Yearlong eyesight campaigns have been developed and implemented linked to this verse. Conferences and seminars have been created with this verse as the key theme. outback vision protocol

I’ve seen people getting excited when they hear this passage being proclaimed with a pastor or teacher. They may shout, give their friends and neighbors high fives and boogie around the sanctuary with great enthusiasm after the declaration of this expression. There have been tunes and books written about Habakkuk 2: 2. Useless to say, this is a very popular passage as it pertains to talking about writing a vision. 

That is sad to record that after hearing this powerful verse proclaimed many people still have not made the effort or taken you a chance to write their personal and/or family vision. This sounds inspiring and encouraging to hear an educator or preacher proclaiming, “Write the vision and make it plain… ” Nevertheless, I have come to find that it takes more than just an moving message or weekend workshop about vision. It will require a concentrated effort for taking the time to write your vision and an unwavering commitment to implement it.

Habakkuk was perplexed about the situation that was happening around him. This individual could not understand why God was doing the things how He was doing. He was taken wrongly for God’s direction. His confusion led him to ask Him two key questions. “How long U Lord can i call for help and you will not hear? ” “How seeking the Babylonians who will be more sinful than we are to punish all of us? ” Habakkuk needed some real answers to his questions and God was the only one who could provide the answers he needed.

I believe that now is the time to unlock the electric power of your vision. Following spending quality time learning and meditating on Habakkuk 2: 1-4, I extrapolated seven keys to area code the potency of your vision. I actually assume that if you put into practice these seven keys your vision will have a powerful influence on your family, friends, community, city, country and finally the globe.

Key# 1 -Vision is revealed to the person in the positioning to listen.

For you to unlock the potency of your perspective from God you must first reside in your personal watchtower to hear for His directions. In ancient times, the watchtower was built on city walls so watchmen could see enemies or messengers approaching their city while they were at a distance. From the watchtower, they could see the enemy approaching and warn the folks in enough time to prepare for fight. The watchman and watchtower were employed by the prophets to emphasize an frame of mind of expectation. Habakkuk travelled to his own watchtower expecting to hear from God. He knew that this was your place and time to tune in to how God was heading to answer his complicated questions.

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