Solar Cake Recipes

To bake a cake from a solar cake menu in a solar range you will need the following: Bolos no Pote Gourmet

abundant sunshine – it is highly recommended to check the weather prediction the morning before to ensure uninterrupted sunshine
an appropriate sun oven-preferably one you have used successfully in the past to make a cake 
all the related raw ingredients
appropriate cooking pots with tight lids, similarly preferably solar power pots that you have previously used to prepare a cake
a flooring in the base of the cooker to absorb and amplify the inner heat strongly recommended
relevant photo voltaic cake tested recipes
Cake tested recipes and for that subject bread recipes demand a leavening agent of some kind to work properly, and therefore can be a little more complex than the average solar recipe.

Particularly two areas that require consideration are a) the sort of cooker-a cake recipe and bread recipe will work best in a photo voltaic cooker that reaches temps in excess of three hundred and fifty? F (177? C), generally the higher the heat the better, and b) the heat seal must be left intact during the cooking period, both in conditions of the plastic or glass wrapping up the solar oven and the tight-fitting lid of the solar pot outstanding uninterrupted.

The chef must at all times avoid the temptation to wide open the cooker to examine the cooking progress as this will immediately bargain the heat retentive capacity of the cooker and potentially cause the dessert to collapse. In these two instances the Global Direct sun light Oven, a solar pack cooker, is an outstanding choice and is purchased immediately from the manufacturer.

A global Sun Oven is arguably one of, if not the most used solar range globally and is very successfully used to make all food types including the cakes and bread.

Lee Elliott is a writer on Solar Food preparation and related solar food preparation activities. As an Publisher on the subject, he’s at the forefront to provide solutions to information related to solar food preparation and using solar cookers.

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