Styles of Jewelry and How to Wear Them

You will discover as many styles of charms and there is styles of clothes and of course prudent to keep them in collection together. You don’t often see chunky costume earrings with a fragile ball gown or a precious stone pin on army fatigues. Even though there are no question some style icons who could pull that off, it is probably best to keep to regular mixing and matching of earrings and clothes if you are not sure if you are a fashion expert or not! ed marshall jewelers

The genuine article

If you have the sort of diamonds encrusted earrings that you keep in a vault at the financial institution then you probably only have it out for special occasions and that makes perfect sense. However, if you have a beautiful pair of precious stone man earrings or a special watch that you can wear with many clothes, then make the almost all of these products and make them your signature pieces that others associate with you. You can wear most classic pieces with nearly anything and blend and match with other earrings although they will always go best with classic and formal clothes.

Fun Style Rings

The funkier bits of costume earrings in the latest fashion pattern colors are meant for the young (and young at heart). You will wear some colors for a season and then another set will be your selected by the next. This is fine for disposable low priced items but you may be wondering what do you do with your better pieces in this season’s colors. If you buy good quality keep your costume charms until those colors come around again. Fashion works in periods and there are less than many colors that your own will not be the height of fashion again before too long.

Cultural Combine

Native or tribe charms has been very popular for many years. With each purchase you are buying a stake in hundreds of years of culture and tradition as well as something ornamental to serve your neck or in your ears. Cultural earrings is made of natural materials which tend to go best with the natural colors of land. It is also more likely to choose a relaxed everyday sort of shower than with a suit for the office. Generally there can be an disposition to wear too many ethnic pieces at once but it is better to acquire one or two stunning pieces and permit them be the emphasis for your look.

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