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A single man who won’t need reminding of fish and chip insurance is the owner of a small business which was attacked in his home.

The man, who no doubt has good fish and chip insurance behind him, was getting ready for bed when two armed attackers stormed his house and pressured their way in. The three man gang were wielding snooker cues and the businessman was struck about the top and his wife, also in the sack, was threatened. best chip van for parties in derby

The gang, definitely targeting the businessman due to reputation for fish and chip shop keepers to have large amounts of cash after finishing for the day, demanded over? 5, 000 and possessions.

It was not clear what sort of seafood and chip shop insurance the man possessed, but it will have mitigated against the potentially heavy failures. As it was, the gang ran off with only a TV, a laptop, some mobile mobile phones and under? 100 in cash. Items of gem were also stolen.

The jurors in the courtroom case heard the way the company threatened to further the fatigue businessman and his wife with the snooker cues if they failed to co-operate.

The businessman informed the court that the burglars burst through the front door shouting law enforcement officials, but then quickly are now popular in the bedroom, protecting against the few from ringing the real police. The gang arranged after the businessman in a vicious and without cause manner, asking for the money and personal belongings to be given up. They feared for their lives as they were effectively imprisoned in their own bedroom and menaced for their personal property.

Inside the court ability to hear, the three assailants rejected aggravated burglary.

The episode highlights the problems encountered by many people fast food restaurants which may take a great deal of cash during a day’s trading and then need to get those takings to a bank, or keep it safe, until it can be transferred at a bank.

And unlike say pizzas outlets, or restaurants, much of the takings are in cash; not credit playing cards, or cheques. This will make personnel and owners extremely susceptible to both opportunistic robbers and criminals who plan their raids. It does indeed not need special skills to watch a seafood and chip shop owner lock up for the night time and the follow them home, either hoping for an opportunity to grab the money before its deposited at a bank, or get to it at the person’s home.

Criminals see cash as the great prize, as its untraceable and does not should be sold on. It’s this attraction that marks away fish and chip owners as easy prey.

A good fish and nick insurance really should have clauses which protect against stolen takings and all owners of such businesses, need this sort of cover.

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