The Counter Steering Technique With Your Bicycle

Driving around a corner is not only a matter of turning the handlebars. This kind of cycling strategy is fine when used at low speeds but when specialists or advanced riders think about steering a motorcycle they may talk of another technique, i. e. the counter steering method.

This kind of is the technique you need to understand with your bicycle when cornering on a downhill stretch at higher speeds or using fast in a peloton. At a high velocity you can’t just drive by using a change because your bicycle will skip out and you will be unable to lean into it. 

Thus, as you increase your speeds on your bi-cycle, you must use the method of counter driving. As you learn to deal with a turn, let’s say the right turn, you need to turn your outside the house pedal down (the remaining pedal in this case). You then apply pressure with your foot on your outside pedal and gently push forward with your inside hand (in this case your right hand).

This turns the handlebars very slightly in the contrary direction and triggers your bicycle to create the necessary lean to initiate the turn. Prevent putting too much pressure on your handlebars with your hands as you will be forcing it and this will cause one to slip, especially during wet weather conditions. Trust the counter driving technique to corner you successfully.

Counter steering allows your bike to fall season into position naturally and get into the proper trim position to make the turn. While you force your outside pedal down you have to think about your core as well as your weight on the saddle, concentrating on driving right through the bicycle and the bottom bracket through to the ground. That is important to remain targeted on maintaining the weight of your body through the centre. Anyone who has been skiing may recognize this technique, as keeping your weight through the centre of the body is comparable for keeping control and balance.

As you approach a corner you will need to choose the line that allows you to maintain acceleration as much as possible. The line is heading to take you from the outside of around the corner as you approach, then to the inside on tip is slightly and swinging back again to the exterior again as you leave the part. Obviously, when riding at low speed, such as when you are ascending a hill, the counter-steering technique is not appropriate.

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