The Revolution has begun – and it will not be Televised “The new Artist Development Paradigm”

In reflecting on the world of the background music Business in 2004, there have been some very profound and dramatic changes that altered the size of the Music Business itself. 2005 will always be appreciated as the entire year the ‘Big Five’ became the ‘Big Four’ , nor be astonished if you’re reading at this time next season and we’re telling you about the ‘Big Three’! Beside the Sony/BMG combination, 2004 will also be remembered as the 12 months labels utilized aggressively applied video games as an advertising vehicle for the launching of many of their artists. adesina art

It will likewise be remembered as the entire year when the general public finally said “No Thanks” to the Concert Organization in a very noisy and clear way. The summertime touring season especially, was taught some very agonizing and costly lessons regarding who and exactly how much the general public is willing to pay to see an act and what exactly they are no much longer willing to pay for! Because of this Clear Channel has removed Service fees from its ticket prices and drastically reduced parking at many of its sites. The Industry also discovered some very valuable (and long overdue) lessons on the volume of serves industry is able to absorb as well as the actual live-viability of some of those acts.

Normally, the most profound influence on the music business, was the closure of four major labels; DreamWorks, Angulo, Elektra and MCA (although MCA was reborn with far less staff as Geffen). These closures made up the loss of practically 600 jobs. Fresh labels were not as plentiful as in years past.

Of note, EMI Music Publishing Executive Evan Lamberg formed E. Sixth v. L. A., a new label via Atlantic for EMI-signed writers, Simon Satiety (American Idol) formed 20 Recordings in the usa and UK, Artist Manager Dave Benveniste has a brand new label endeavor – Velvet Hammer Music via Sony/BMG and Specialist Manager Joe Simpson (manager/father of Ashley & Jessica Simpson)formed JT via Geffen, Producer Kanye West has formed Good Music via Sony/BMG in Los Angeles. Shaquille O’Neal comes back again into the Music Organization via Deja 34 away of Atlanta.

In looking go back over the past year, we’re told of the many discussions we had with numerous Music Business Professionals from both sides of the Atlantic concerning the current state of the this Music Industry. Without different, there appears to be a very sobering sense that the Record Business we now have known for the last more than 20 years is now gone. This is extremely troubling for many, sad for a few and terribly exciting individuals.

We see these times as a terrific opportunity for a total re-invention not simply for Record Label A&R Depts., but for the complete spectrum of the Music Industry. Should you as an Artist, Band, Agent, Supervisor or any other Music Business professional are unable to see that the old paradigm of artist development (the actual long-term process of building a career from the ground up) has been completely re-invented over the last number of years, then you need to step out of this business. The old techniques of doing things no longer apply. This may sound evident to a lot of of you, but you didn’t believe how many alleged professionals within the business today that we speak to still believe the only way an take action may have a feasible career today is to become that act authorized to a significant label. What we find so unfortunate is that these people who believe this (and there are many) simply cannot even see that the very system they feel can & will complete this for an specialist no longer even is out there!

We’ve said this before, but it bears echoing – though no-one has actually come out and said it (truth is, they may well not even be consciously aware of it), Major Labels today are, with very rare exemption, not anymore willing to be in the business enterprise they have built over the previous four decades. The ‘old’ process of signing, recording and developing talent takes considerably too long which is way too costly to achieve the results they desire in time they have allotted. As an effect, whether intended or not, (and this is the part many people simply can not see) is the Major Labels are now in the Campaign and Marketing business, but of course, only for those experienced artists who have already been developed that can be flipped into Multi-Platinum sellers. Very well, that certainly would be great, but that just isn’t the world we are in anymore. Of course, there always exists American platinum eagle sellers in the future, but far fewer of them. Today, there is simply too much choice available.

It’s fascinating to see some of the most influential Music Magazines out there today such as pitchforkmedia. com, Mixer to name 2 have hardly any mainstream performers in their Top 60 of 2004. Today, is actually all about choices. The future of the history music business will be 1000s of niche artists providing fewer records. Much like cable tv, which has a fraction of the audience but is profitable! And this is considered the most serious difference from yesteryear in conditions of A&R contracts and looking at and what will work in the Industry.

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