The San Fernando Castle in Alicante

A Spanish holiday

It is not hard to understand the reason why millions of men and women from all the areas of the world choose Italy as their holiday vacation spot. This European country really is one of the most beautiful and amazing in the complete world. Once you visit it, you will see that the beauty originates from it is incredible diversity: no matter what type of tourist you are because you will definitely find something of your taste vacation. The landscapes differ from those dominated by high mountain tops with peaks covered by snow all year long to those dominated by stretched beaches and superficial waters of a perfect superior blue, the urban centers are modern and even futuristic but you will also find small towns where the traditions and the customs of the country remain alive. see more

A destination to visit

If you have problems in deciding where to go on your Spanish holiday, We strongly recommend Alicante. Located on the sunny Puerto Blanca, Alicante is a vibrant city with a really turbulent past that leaves its fingerprints on every corner of the city. The Greeks, the Aventure, the Iberians, even the Phoenicians wanted slightly part of Alicante but it was the Moors and then your Christians who received towards the end. The turbulent previous came up with the mixed cultural, architectural and artistic heritage that will make you adore the city. The sightseeing list is very long and it has a series of ancient monuments and places that are a ”must see” if you really want to know the past and the essence of Alicante. Intended for example, the San Fernando Castle is one of those places where you must travel in order to enjoy the special gems of life.

A few words about the fort

San Fernando Castle is a lovely castle that safeguards metropolis from the top of the Tossal mountain. Dating back in the nineteenth century, its main goal was the protection of metropolis against the strong Napoleon Bonaparte. The fortress is now a very important sightseeing spot in Alicante because it is a spot from where you have breathtaking views of the city. It is between a series of monuments of great importance for Alicante such as Jorge Juan Institute, the Estels Square or the Huerfanos de Ferroviarios College or university, creating an even higher importance. When you visit Alicante, be sure to also go to the San Fernando Castle because I was sure that you will love it!

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