Tiny Dog Clothing

Although tiny dogs like the Chihuahua, Maltese and Yorkshire terrier are the first pups that spring to head when you think of dog clothing, in reality it can be difficult to find clothing that is made for pups this small. Often times you have to buy puppy clothes rather than small dog clothes and there are differences. For example a Labrador puppy may be about the same size as a Chihuahua for a few several weeks but his legs are going to be wider and differently shaped. Therefore while a puppy jumper may fit a Chihuahua it is going to be baggy throughout the hip and legs. Home

The reason a good fit is important is the fact tiny puppies often don’t wear clothing just because their owner thinks it is adorable. Small dogs get frosty very easily and their clothing serves the goal of helping them maintain body heat. This is why unless it is a very hot day you will most often see little dogs putting on at least a jumper when each goes outdoors. 

So at least you know there is a reason to dress your tiny dog other than the fact that it is adorable.

When looking for clothing for small dogs there is a lot of variety in the types of clothing you may want to get. If you find your dog clothing place that specializes in dog clothing or does custom made wardrobes you may want to stock up so you don’t conclude getting a puppy jacket that lets cold wind through.

Small dogs will gain from vests, hoodies, overcoats, sweaters and even light t-shirts when in an air conditioned home. Various people with pets enjoy dressing their tiny dogs up in frilly and fluffy apparel that really flaunt their daintiness. This includes dressed up, ballet outfits and more. Hats, raincoats and even tiny booties are available to keep your very small dog warm. Dog clothing keeps up with the latest fashion trends so even your tiny dog can have a catwalk look when you go for a walk or visit the dog playground.

Because temperatures both in the house and out vary so differently you will want several degrees of heat and coverage for your small dog. Some times it may desire a jumper inside the house, other days it could desire a tee shirt, jersey. Think of your little dog like a baby and think about how precisely the temperature feels to it. Layering is not the best option to keep a very small dog warm; instead a variety of clothing will serve the purpose of to get dog warm whether it is a brisk fall day or a freezing winter day.

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