Tips on Working 2 Puppets at Once in a Puppet Play

One of many easiest ways to use two puppets at once is throughout a song where both are singing the same part. It is crucial to make certain there are minor distinctions between the two. Allow one be somewhat more animated, when holding away an email have one finish a second prior to the other, have one check the group from right to left and the other from left to right. Little items like these help them look realistic and not simply imitations of each other.

Employing two puppets throughout a track is one thing, but you may be questioning what about when doing a play? Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you have to do two puppets during a skit. It’s not the ideal, but is possible successfully. Here are half a dozen tips to consider: 

– If at all possible, choose the jobs with the least amount of speaking parts. That way the puppeteer can still give attention to maintaining proper height and appearance for both puppets.

– Make an effort to avoid parts where one puppet comes with an expanded monologue. The tendency in this case is to focus attention on that puppet and dismiss the second one who often stands with it is mouth open staring into space while the other gives the monologue. For anyone who is in that situation, practice the play well enough so you can give attention to both puppets ensuring each one appears lifelike.

– If you’re doing the play live, practice it enough times so that the puppeteer has no problem switching voices between the two parts.

– Obviously, the person working two puppets can’t make arm rod movements, but with practice another puppeteer can make any needed motions. Be sure to practice it well so both puppeteers know when and how the movement will be made.

– Positioning is important. It’s easy to have both puppets face forward the complete presentation, but that doesn’t look natural. When puppets talk jointly, they should face the other person.

– If there are three or more sock puppets onstage you want to strategically place the puppeteer working two puppets. If perhaps there are four or more puppets, you can place the one working two in the centre and back a lttle bit from the stage. That way, they can certainly make vision contact with the other person and turn slightly to speak with the ones on either side. If there are only three sock puppets onstage, have the puppeteer kneel or stand at an angle so the puppet in the centre is back farther than the other two. That allows all the sock puppets to easily maintain proper positioning and eye contact.

Using two puppets at once can be done for both songs and plays. Keep these tips in mind plus your sock puppets will look natural and the audience will never know. If a team of four puppeteers performs a song or play using eight puppets, it brings to the quality and “wow” factor in your programs.

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