Tom and Jerry Movies – A Blast From a Generation Gone By

Will you love the classic Ben and Jerry movies? This kind of great cartoon for kids is one of the longest continually running pants ever created; it was formerly made to air as a TV show and then developed into full length feature movies. For anyone growing up in the 50’s, sixties and 70’s the great cat and mouse going after episodes were a part of daily life; go back home from university switch on the TELEVISION SET and revel in the hilarious antics with this kitten and mouse team. tom and jerry

Regrettably the days are over, you’ll still be able to watch endless reruns on your chosen cartoon network, but the studio has stopped creating new series or movies. The latest Tom and Jerry movie was launched in 06\; but for any diehard fans or parents planning to introduce their children to some of the computer animation magic that they progressed up with, there are plenty of DVD packages available online. 

Not many people realize that the cat and mouse has had several creators, though the original artists will almost always be William Hanna and Frederick Barbara two talented cartoonists and directors who are also responsible for, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, yogi bear and a complete line of other well known cartoon for kids. They worked for MGM before the late fifties when things changed and the studio shut down for some time. In the 60’s a a bit eccentric creative director from the Czech Republic, his slightly surreal ideas are not accepted by MGM and 3 years later Throw Jones became the regular creator; you can now find Tom and Jerry DVD box sets made up of only the episodes of each and every of the 3 makers in a single.

As its initial release more than 5 decades ago the series went through several different changes, many of these can be linked to the changing company directors and others should do with keeping up with the times in order that it can appeal to small children. For example there is less and less mention of the displays of war in the cartoons and more regarding technology and city life, you’ll find more mobile phones and sports automobiles in the new feline and mouse episodes.

The latest film by the comical cat and mouse button team released in 2006 is titled “Tom and Jerry fast and furry” a take on the popular trendy movie “the fast and furious” a name that will appeal any trendy child. The storyline line involves an around the world race heading over land, sea and snow in the expectations of winning the trophy at the end. Through this movie both of them are opponents and have supped up cars that can switch from land mobiles into boats, airplanes and helicopters at the flick of a button. To generate things more interesting both Tom and Jerry’s transportation has a range of booby traps and weaponry to toss the other out of the lead if they need to, the rest is a roller coaster drive with either side aiming for that prize.

Tom and Jerry fast and fuzzy is available on DVD MOVIE and you will easily find it online with all of the other great series including special box models dedicated to each of different creative directors of the series.

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