Valentine’s Day Movies for People Who Hate Sappy Love Stories

If you value romantic movies, there are about ten million options if you need to watch a film on Valentine’s Day time, almost all of which are helpfully packaged in pink and red at WalMart to help menfolk who are out shopping for their ladies. Romantic movies run the gamut from tearjerking same-sex epics (a la Brokeback Mountain) to healthy teen musicals (of the High School Musical subset) in an attempt to hit every possible massive. yesmovies

But what about the rest of us, who don’t like romantic films? We who gag at the mention of Nicholas Sparks and possess had our eyeballs surgically removed from the backs of your mind after watching Another Cinderella Story? What is there for us to watch on Valentine’s? Believe it or not, whether you aren’t a misanthrope or a serial killer, there’s a love story out there for you. 

For Actions Movie Aficionados and Persons With Short Attention Covers


A level of resistance fighter is sent again in time from a time where the world is handled by machines in order to safeguard the future mother of mankind’s last hope from a robot assassin.

Starring: Jordan Biehn, Linda Hamilton
Produced: 1984

I have a love/hate relationship with Wayne Cameron movies, but this one is firmly located at the “love” end of the spectrum. The Terminator gave birth to several popular phrases and spawned four sequels. There are lots of action: explosions, vehicle chases, gunfights, even a highly advanced war, but thematically really a love story, which helps it stand the test of time even now that the impressiveness of 1980s special results has worn off.

Pertaining to Lord of the Jewelry Fans, Dungeon Masters, and Fantasy Lovers


A lovestruck young man endeavors in the magical kingdom of Stormhold to fetch a fallen star for the girl of his dreams, only to find the true girl of his dreams is the star.

Acting: Charlie Cox, Claire Danes
Released: 2007

If most likely into fantasy at all, you know that Neil Gaiman is a wizard. Anyone looking to get into writing fantasy or science fiction should be required to take lessons from Neil Gaiman on balancing familiarity and creativity. This is a star-studded (pun intended) adaptation of his novel that requires, flying pirate ships, nurses, sword fights, castles, and one of the very impressive cases of acting I’ve at any time seen (hint: it consists of Mark Strong and a voodoo doll).

For Universe War II History Fans and War Movie Fanatics


Famed Soviet sniper Vassili Zaitsev dukes it away with his German reverse number as Nazi bombers turn the location of Stalingrad to rubble. At risk: the results of the battle.

Starring: Jude Law, Rachel Weiss
Released: 2001

1 of the things I love best about this movie is usually that the British/American actors may make an effort to fake Russian or In german accents (if you’ve seen K-19 you know why this is simply not a good idea). His passion story here is a triangle including Vassili, the commisar publicizing his feats, and a girl soldier (yes, Russia acquired female soldiers back then). Tragic yet uplifting, this is among the finest war videos I’ve ever seen.

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