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There are many websites out there that contain not been optimised for search engines at all, the question is should web designers optimise websites for search engines as part of the overall solution? wordpress course singapore

Well it’s perhaps just a little unfair to criticise web site designers for not doing SEO as standard since it is an totally different skill set, however my judgment is that to have the web design market today in order to add value to clients some basic knowledge of SEO is essential. 

Of course having the skill sets is one thing, but doing SEO properly is a time consuming process so probably it should be an optional service in addition to website, and really if a client want their website to produce results for these people, then they should be seriously considering this.

However I actually do assume that every site needs to have basic SEO included, which means that CODE title tags can be made relevant to the website itself, and the website should be search engine friendly so that it is possible for either a customer to complete the SEO themselves or an SEO specialist to deal with should the design firm not offer SEO services themselves.

Unfortunately this does not seem to be as the case almost all of the time and customers are often left with what might be a great site from a design or technical point of view, but just does indeed not produce results on their behalf.

My advice would be to find a web design company that really offer design, development and SEO in-house, this way you should be confident in the information that your website should look great, be technically good and actually produces results for you.

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