Where is our Romantic, Sentimental Jewelry?

We admit it, I’m fascinated with the symbolism for many antique and retro earrings trends. It seems nowadays we lean towards our own sentiments as a personal connection and not a whole lot universal. The earrings is sentimental to you for your own personal reasons. I can’t think of just one piece of earrings that comes with an universal impresionable value attached with it other than wedding rings and good cause ribbons. In which is our romantic, expressive side in our charms? Cremation Bracelets

Snake Jewelry: The leather has had an ass wrap (pun intended). In Victorian times, the fish symbolized eternity, vitality and life. How did this poor fellow become so sneaky and traitorous (a snake in the grass)? Snake earrings entered a new height in reputation after Queen Victoria choose a snake ring for her engagement with Emporer Albert. Wrapped around and tail tucked under his head was an image of eternal love. Full Victoria was very much a sentimentalist. Two fish heads intertwined were lovers forever, what a wonderful surprise to provide to your beloved! 

Regards Rings: Gems lined in a line held an one expression secret message of love and devotion. Take the first letter of each gemstone name:

R uby

E merald

G arnet

A methyst

R uby

D iamond

S apphire

or DEAREST: Diamond Emerald green, Amethyst Ruby Emerald Sky-blue Topaz. How uniquely pleasing! Most commonly, these jewelry were given as diamond rings but parents could give these to their children as well. Though typically given to women, certainly it makes a fantastic choice for a man. The meaning behind the stones can remain a personal secret between the two of you.

Memories Jewelry: Hair was salvaged and located in special compartments behind brooches or lockets. Portrait charms were little metal reminders of quite people in your life or an important event.

Flip Rings: A different era maybe but with a strong Victorian taste none the less. Change rings were immensely popular in the late 1920’s and early 30’s. 1 side symbolized a “public” side. Flip your band head over and show your “private” side. A large number of have the year written on one side.

Imagined: 14k white gold switch ring with a covering cameo on one part and onyx on the flip side. Both factors have a tiny diamond. My spouse and i tend to think it was a day – nighttime ring given the beauty of the onyx and the everyday appearance of the cameo.

“Wear your heart on your sleeve” but, not much of our charms can be easily recognized as expressive. Maybe romantic and emotional charms was simply a passing pattern much like pet stones and rubik cubes. All of us are so busy in our day to day stuff, wouldn’t it be nice to see a brooch or ring and remember our own adored ones?

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