Why Didn’t Our Sales Training Work? Where Are All the New Sales?

Should your organization is not incrementally increasing sales after you conducted sales training, there are numerous possible reasons. It could be a competitive issue, an absence of strategic application of a sales process, a product deficiency, ineffective employing practices or a price war. Тренинги активных продаж

While it can be hard to pinpoint the exact reason or reasons sales did not increase, this may be an outstanding possibility to examine your training strategy to determine whether your sales training is not hitting the mark. The answers to the pursuing questions may help you identify if you want to make modifications to your sales training or overall sales training strategy. 

Just how much Content is Delivered?

To work in sales, a person needs the right balance of knowledge, skill and inspiration. Too much information shipped during sales training can throw this balance off. When there is five days of content packed into two days of learning, the result is that the salespeople won’t be able to change anything and avoid have the time to identify where they need to improve – knowledge, skill or motivation.

Is usually the Focus on the Content and also the Learners?

If perhaps there are over 75 PowerPoint slides presented during a two-day learning treatment, the focus is on the content and not the sales agents. PowerPoints do not help to make sales but practicing in a safe environment and acquiring professional feedback does help make sales.

Is Training a meeting or Responsibility?

Is the training an event for the salesforce to check off their to-do list? Sales training could be a development opportunity critical with their day-to-day processes and responsibilities. To maintain the development process after training, the sales people should be placed accountable for their learning and their managers should be providing coaching to help the learning keep.

Will the Practice Imitate Real Sales Situations?

In the event the training is universal and teaches your sales team how to sell widgets, there is a good chance that they may not be able to copy the learning on the real sales call. When someone needs to develop a new skill, it is very difficult to a new language or new information at the same time. Make sure the sales training supports skill development and learning copy by focusing how to sell YOUR companies services.

Does the Training Concentrate on the Right Skills?

A great accurate needs analysis is critical to developing sales training that drive business results. If your training focuses on closing and your sales force does not have any prospect meetings booked for the next 8 weeks, your training investment may well not bring the desired return.

The genuine Trainers Have the Best Skills?

Your trainers should have both training and sales experience. If your team has a long sales cycle and the sale is somewhat sophisticated, the trainer really should have this type of experience to give developmental feedback. In case your sales managers deliver the training, they should be able to instruct, aid and coach.

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